MMV Project of the Year award - 2001

Synthetic peroxides

The most promising research results achieved by an MMV partnership in 2001 came from the groundbreaking work on synthetic peroxides.

The partnership, which consists of a team of scientists and researchers from Australia, Switzerland and the USA, “has succeeded in taking the well established antimalarial ‘warhead’ found in an ancient Chinese herbal remedy and developing it into a chemical series that is now very drug like and amenable to modern drug optimization techniques and to industrial scale-up. In animal studies these compounds essentially cure malaria with one dose. Compounds that have not yet progressed to clinical development are by definition high risk and it will still take many years before the work delivers a registered drug, but the extraordinary progress made by this group and the compelling animal data potentially herald a new class of antimalarial drugs”.

- Simon Campbell FRS
Former Head of Worldwide Drug Discovery andDevelopment, Europe, Pfizer, and Chair, MMV Expert Scientific Advisory Committee