MMV's pipeline of antimalarial drugs

MMV's pipeline of antimalarial drugs

Download the MMV-supported projects slide and the Global Portfolio of Antimalarial Medicines slide.

For more information about the global malaria portfolio, read the article: Malaria medicines: a glass half full? 

Detailed information is available for translational, development and access projects (click on the boxes below).

Last updated June 2022


MMV support to projects may include financial, in-kind, and advisory activities.


 Global Fund Expert Review Panel (ERP) reviewed product – permitted for time-limited procurement, while regulatory/WHO prequalification review is ongoing.

 Included in MMV portfolio after product approval and/or development. DNDi and partners completed development and registration of ASMQ and ASAQ. 

 WHO Prequalified OR approved/positive opinion by regulatory bodies who are ICH members/observers.  

 Paediatric formulation.

   Via a bioequivalence study.

   No progress report in the last two years. 

Past partners are in brackets (-)

Brand names:

1 Coartem® Dispersible

2 Artesun®

3 Larinate® 60 mg

4 Eurartesim®

5 Pyramax® tablets or granules

6 ASAQ Winthrop®


8 Supyra®

9 100 mg Artesunate Rectocaps

10 ArtecapTM

11 Kozenis or Krintafel (Trademarks owned or licensed by GSK) 

Target Product Profiles indicated by colour bars at the bottom of each coumpound box

____  3-day cure, artemisinin-based combination therapies (TPP-1)

____  Uncomplicated malaria treatments and resistance management (TPP-1)

____  Severe malaria treatment / pre-referral intervention (TPP-1)

____  Intermittent preventative treatment (TPP-1)

____  Products targeting prevention of relapse for P. vivax (TPP-1)

____  Chemoprophylaxis (TPP-2)

Target Candidate Profiles activities for each individual molecule, indicated by symbols added to compounds in the translational or product development portfolio

 Asexual blood stages

 Relapse prevention

Transmission reduction

 Causal prophylaxis