MMV-supported projects

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For more information about the global malaria portfolio, read the article: Malaria medicines: a glass half full? 

See the growth of the MMV portfolio since 2000.

Detailed information is available for translational, development and access projects (click on the boxes below).

Last updated April 2018 (status of tafenoquine & Strides Shasun rectal artesunate updated September 2018)


MMV support to projects may include financial, in-kind, and advisory activities.


Global Fund Expert Review Panel (ERP) reviewed product – permitted for time-limited procurement, while regulatory/WHO prequalification review is ongoing.

 Included in MMV portfolio after product approval and/or development. DNDi and partners completed development and registration of ASMQ and ASAQ. 

WHO Prequalified OR approved/positive opinion by regulatory bodies who are ICH members/observers.  

Paediatric formulation.

Brand names:

1 Coartem® Dispersible
2 Artesun® 
3 Eurartesim®
4 Pyramax® tablets or granules
5 ASAQ Winthrop® 
Krintafel/Kozenis (Trademarks owned or licensed by GSK)

Target Product Profiles - represented by coloured bar(s) under the project box

____  3-day cure, artemisinin-based combination therapies  

____  Combinations aiming at a new single-exposure radical cure (SERC) TPP-1

____  Severe malaria treatment and pre-referral intervention

____  Intermittent /seasonal malaria chemoprevention 

____  Products targeting prevention of relapse for P. vivax 

____  Single-exposure chemoprotection (SEC) TPP-2

Target Candidate Profiles- represented by icons

 Asexual blood stages

 Relapse prevention

 Transmission reduction