Call for Applications: Malaria Box Challenge Grants

Proposals due: 12 noon, CET, 30 October, 2014

The goal of this call for proposals is to encourage investigators to follow up on Malaria Box open source data, available on ChEMBL, and test the Malaria Box compounds and their derivatives in vivo using animal models of neglected infectious diseases.

Investigators and/or co-investigators from malaria-endemic areas are highly encouraged to apply and their applications will be prioritized over applications from non-malaria endemic countries. 

This call for applications is to encourage animal model testing of the Malaria Box hit compounds and their derivatives in neglected infectious disease models, such as schistosomiasis, cryptosporidiosis, filariasis, tuberculosis, as well as other infections where there is comorbidity in children with malaria. These Challenge Grants will be prioritized based on scientific merit. They should propose in vivo (animal) studies on neglected infectious diseases that afflict children in malaria endemic countries. We will also consider applications that propose to study malaria in animal models with the Malaria Box compounds or new compound series with novel antimalarial compounds. Please note that for malaria studies, in vivo studies that address transmission blocking and liver stage malaria will be prioritized over in vivo studies that address only the asexual blood stages of malaria. 

Proposals are expected to be at the stage where initial leads are identified against neglected disease pathogens, such that they have in vitro data supporting the efficacy of the compound(s) against neglected diseases, that demonstrate lack of toxicity against mammalian cells, and have pharmacokinetic (PK) parameters compatible with efficacious exposure.

Please note MMV has data on PK exposure after oral dosing of mice with majority of Malaria Box compounds. This information is being prepared for open access release in the near future. If that information would be helpful for your application, please email Dr Wesley van Voorhis for release of that information for up to ten Malaria Box compounds.

The proposed project should facilitate further development of the compounds and develop proof-of-concept information, such that further funding can be obtained. We anticipate funding up to 5 projects that could begin as early as December 2014, depending on completion of a contract. Funding is to last no more than a year.

All applications, using the template provided should be sent electronically to proposals [at] by 12 noon CET 30 October 2014.

Please read the application instructions carefully and review the contract terms to ensure your eligibility and willingness to abide by the contract.