12th Call for proposals

12th Call for proposals

MMV welcomes proposals in the following four areas:

1. Compounds addressing the key priorities of the malaria eradication agenda

New families of molecules in the hit-to-lead and lead optimization phases are sought that:

  • kill or reactivate hypnozoites for use as part of a P. vivax radical cure;  
  • have dual activity against asexual and sexual stages for treatment and transmission blocking;
  • are novel and without G6PD deficiency liabilities.

2. Assays addressing liver stage vivax

  • Novel, robust and validated in vitro or in vivo models of vivax liver stages are sought that are suitable for immediate compound testing. See the criteria for P. vivax for specific details.

3. Asexual liver and blood stages

Novel chemical series that have one or more of the following key features:

  • A novel mechanism of action;
  • A long half-life (ideally >10h in rodents) and confirmed in vivo efficacy;
  • For advanced series, we are seeking compounds with, ideally, a predicted human half-life >100h and a predicted single human dose <1g.

Please see our target product profiles for more information.  Early target validation falls outside of our mandate.

4. Resistant strains

To help select future antimalarial candidate drugs, we would like to hear from groups who have stable parasite cultures that show significant resistance to any of the drugs listed below:

  • Piperaquine, Pyronaridine, Mefloquine, Amodiaquine, Lumefantrine

If resistance is confirmed then MMV would welcome the opportunity to add a resistant mutant to our screening panel.

Templates for the 3-page Letter of Interest and 1-2 page Submission of resistant strains can be found on the top right of this page.

All applications using the specified templates should be sent electronically to proposals@mmv.org  by 12 noon CET March 14th 2014.