10th Call for proposals

Now closed

MMV welcomes projects in the hits-to-lead stage for new families of molecules specifically addressing the key priorities of the malaria eradication agenda: transmission blocking and prevention of P. vivax relapse. Proposals for chemical series with the potential for P. falciparum chemoprevention or blood stage efficacy as a result of long-half lives are encouraged, though the project should already have initial confirmation of in vivo oral blood stage activity. Early target validation falls outside of our mandate.

In the clinical arena, MMV welcomes proposals for the clinical development of new chemical entities. We have a strong pipeline of new molecules, and so welcome applications regarding capacity building to develop new sites for first-in-patient testing of these new molecules, including both blood stage, transmission blocking and vivax anti-relapse capabilities.

Further instructions and application templates can be found on the right-hand side of this page. All applications using the specified templates should be sent electronically to proposals [at] mmv.org by 12 noon CET March 15th 2012