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19 July, 2017 4:00PM CEST

Topic: Picking the best of the free drug discovery ADMET prediction models 

Mark Gardner, AMG Consultants, will discuss the process of selecting the most appropriate models for drug discovery projects from the pool of available free tools. Consideration will be given to:

  1. comparing models with measured data, when specific models might (or might not) be more useful than logP
  2. the impact of tautomers
  3. sources of free models

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Links to recordings of previous meetings

2017 Webinars

June video

  • SwissADME: a web tool to support pharmacokinetic optimization for drug discovery; Vincent Zoete and Antoine Daina, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

May video

  • Heterocyclic Quinolones – privileged pharmacophore targeting both Mycobacterium tuberculosis and malaria; Gemma Nixon, University of Liverpool

March video 

  • Using Jupyter as an electronic notebook to store and share computational chemistry, Chris Swain, Cambridge MedChem Consulting
    Chris' slides

February video

  • Transforming ‘hits’ into ‘leads’ - Two malaria drug discovery case studies, Claire Le Manach and Tanya Paquet, University of Cape Town.

2016 Webinars

December video

  • An introduction to the free BMGF PK tool, Mark Gardner, AMG consultants (Start - 44:00)
  • Using the PK tool in human dose prediction, Gavin Whitlock, Sandexis (44:00 - End)

November video

  • Predicting physicochemical properties with OCHEM and using chemistry in patents, Igor Tetko, Helmholtz Zentrum Munchen and BigChem GmbH
  • 20 million public patent-extracted chemical structures: a look at the gift horse,  Christopher Southan, GtoPDB and Centre for Integrative Physiology, University of Edinburgh
    Chris' slides

October video

  • Solubility prediction: Outcomes & insights from the "Solubility Challenge" competition, Jonathan Goodman, University of Cambridge
  • How Confident can we be in ADME Predictions? Matt Segall, Optibrium

September video

  • Freely available databases with applications in Drug Design, Caroline Low
    Caroline's slides

  • A simple KNIME script to compare compound collections, Mark Gardner
    Mark's slides

  • Tips on R group analysis in DataWarrior, Mark Gardner
    Mark's slides

July video

  • The ChEMBL Database for Drug Discover and Design, Anna Gaulton, EMBL-EBI

  • Two ChEMBL use cases: (1) Using ChEMBL data to produce a Quantitative Estimate of Drug-likeness; (2) Using ChEMBL data to derive transformations and models for de novo design, Jérémy Besnard, ExScientia

May video

  • Open source malaria project, Mat Todd, University of Sydney

April video

  • An introduction to the open-source workflow tool KNIME and applications in drug discovery, Greg Landrum, KNIME
  • KNIME use case: Property calculation and chemical space diagrams in DNDi's Drug Booster project, Ben Perry, DNDi
    Ben's workflow & guide
  • KNIME use case: ‘Know Your Molecule’ searching ChEMBL with KNIME & interpreting the data, Mark Gardner, AMG
    Mark's guide & workflow

March video

  • DataWarrior advanced data analysis, Isabelle Giraud, Actelion
  • Using the RSC Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit in Drug Discovery Projects, Andy Davis, AZ

February video

  • Visceral leishmaniasis Target Candidate Profile & screen sequence, Charlie Mowbrary, DNDi
    Charlie's slides

  • Malaria Target Candidate Profiles, stage gates and implications for successful malaria drug discovery, Paul Willis, MMV

January video

  • Application of PK Tools in the optimisation of a series for the treatment of leishmaniasis, Gavin Whitlock, Sandexis
  • Hints and tips to working with DataWarrior, Isabelle Giraud, Actelion

This series of webinars on compound design will continue throughout 2017. The aim is to share experiences of compound design in global health projects (malaria, TB, NTD), covering a range of topics including the use of freely available design tools, quality criteria such as target candidate profiles, screen sequences and case histories. If you are interested in making a presentation, please contact %20mark.gardner [at]

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