Healed from malaria

“My name is Rosemary Omolo. I come from a small town between Ombeyi and Kasongo in Kenya and work with orphans and widows. Most of the orphans live with their grandparents. Malaria is a burden on all of us parents.

When a child gets malaria most parents give them painkillers for a whole month. Sometimes 2 week’s continuously on the painkillers. By the time we come to know of this, the child’s blood has lots of malaria.

My son’s name is Hope John Kennedy Otieno. He started feeling unwell on Friday evening and I gave him panadol. On Saturday morning he woke up well, he was cheerful and played a lot until in the afternoon when he started complaining and I gave him more panadol. The same followed on Sunday – he woke up well but in the evening it was raining and when I woke him to eat, he had fever and vomited the whole night. It was on Monday that I decided to bring him to the hospital for treatment. He was treated with Coartem Dispersible and it’s like he was completely healed. We are waiting to go home now.

What makes me afraid when we go to hospital; we are told that children under 5 years die because of malaria very fast. When I hear that a child has malaria I desire that they get quick treatment especially when the child is below 5 years. The day we came I had fear in my heart. Today I am happy he is OK and we are going home.”

MMV developed Coartem Dispersible together with Novartis. This sweet-tasting, paediatric tablet is both highly effective and easy to give to children, thus helping improve compliance and dosing accuracy.

Story and photo courtesy of Novartis