SDG 3: MMV's work supports target 3.3, which aims to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and NTDs

MMV has assembled the largest ever portfolio of antimalarials supporting target 3.3, which aims to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases.

Here are recent key milestones in this area: 

  • 450 million Coartem®Dispersible (artemether-lumefantrine) paediatric treatments distributed in over 50 countries since 2009, saving more than 960,000 children’s lives 
  • 2.8 million Pyramax® (pyronaridine-artesunate) treatments delivered to date, with registration in 29 countries – of which about half were the paediatric Granules formulation.
  • 8.6 million Eurartesim® (dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine) treatments distributed between 2011 and 2021
  • 7.6 million artesunate rectal capsules distributed since 2018, saving more than 780,000 lives 
  • 255 million vials of injectable artesunate delivered since 2010, saving an estimated 1.66 million additional lives compared to treatment with injectable quinine
  • Kozenis/Krintafel (tafenoquine) received regulatory approval in Peru for prevention of P. vivax relapse 
  • 540 million ASAQ Winthrop® treatments delivered to date, with registration in 33 countries 
  • GSK484 selected as MMV’s Project of the Year 2021 
  • TRuST feasibility study, representing first real-world application of tafenoquine, began in September 2021 with interim results received in December 
  • One pregnancy registry established in Kenya, with permission granted for expansion to Burkina Faso
  • Studies have shown the zebrafish assay to be a reliable tool for the prediction of embryotoxicity in mammals, which could help pave the way for earlier inclusion of pregnant women in clinical trials 
  • Technology transfer resulted in the opening of a testing centre for resistance profiling in Burkina Faso
  • Ganaplacide–lumefantrine yielded positive results in a Phase IIb trial, supporting the continued development of the combination for uncomplicated malaria 
  • M5717 + pyronaridine selected as a new combination for development 
  • ZY19489 + ferroquine yielded positive results in Phase I studies, demonstrating potent antimalarial activity
  • IWY357 selected as a new candidate for development  
  • 728 million courses of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine and amodiaquine (SPAQ) have been delivered since the launch of seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) in 2014. In 2021 alone, over 44 million children were protected from seasonal malaria in 13 countries.
  • MMV has built an extensive network of over 400 partners in 50 countries since its inception in 1999
  • B&O Pharma selected as a manufacturing partner for low-dose primaquine for the prevention of relapse P. vivax malaria 
  • The Partnership for Vivax Elimination (PAVE) was launched in 2021 with PATH, Menzies School of Health Research and the Burnet Institute to accelerate elimination of relapsing P. vivax malaria. 
  • 26 additional districts included in the Mobilizing Access to Maternal Health Services in Zambia (MAMaZ) project, increasing the number of births attended by skilled workers by 27%