Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Early on MMV adapted its work plan for anticipated pandemic-related delays, while accelerating other areas of work to ensure that we could emerge with the strongest possible malaria portfolio. In parallel, MMV reprioritized areas of strategic focus for 2020 to include support for the COVID-19 effort. Here are our recent key milestones in this area: 

  • Implemented measures to support supply chains for chloroquine to treat malaria in P. vivax-endemic countries and mitigate stockouts
  • Promoted healthcare awareness in rural communities adapting existing malaria educational initiatives, e.g. training community health volunteers on danger signs and protocols around COVID-19

  • Safeguarded continued seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) campaigns, protecting 30 million children in 2020

  • Over 50 COVID Boxes shipped to enable standardization of testing results across various laboratories

  • Worked with partners on COVID-19 clinical studies, including the ReACT and ANTICOV studies