Harnessing innovation and expanding research

Addressing unmet needs is critical to achieving the malaria community's long-term goal of malaria eradication. This is why we work with partners to generate data in areas where there are gaps, expand research in malaria and other diseases and bring forward new combinations capable of addressing drug resistance.

  • A new pregnancy registry established to monitor the impact of different antimalarials on mother and child, inform policymakers and strengthen healthcare systems
  • Over 100 Pandemic Response Boxes shipped in 2019–2020 to facilitate drug discovery in other disease areas

  • Two compounds active against Plasmodium cynomolgi liver stages identified through screening

  • Four new late leads approved in 2020

  • New candidate selected for development: ELQ331

  • 11 compounds in preclinical and clinical development including 10 with novel biological pathways compared with existing ACTs