Ensuring universal access to malaria prevention and treatment

MMV strongly believes that all malaria patients, rich or poor, deserve access to malaria treatment and prevention. Here are recent key milestones in this area: 

  • 2.7 million lives estimated to have been saved to date through MMV-supported medicines

  • 536 million courses of SPAQ delivered since its launch in 2014 for seasonal malaria, protecting over 30 million children in 2020. Six new combinations of licensed molecules have been evaluated and ranked as alternatives to SPAQ for SMC.

  • 430 million paediatric treatment courses of Coartem® Dispersible (artemether–lumefantrine) distributed to over 50 countries since 2009, saving an estimated 926,000 lives

  • Three new regulatory approvals for Krintafel/Kozenis (tafenoquine)1, including in Thailand, the first South East Asian country to grant marketing authorization approval

  • 3.8 million doses of artesunate rectal capsules delivered to date with registration in 17 countries, saving an estimated 443,000 lives

  • 209 million vials of injectable artesunate delivered since launch, estimated to have saved 1.36 million additional lives compared to treatment with injectable quinine2

  • 7.9 million Eurartesim® (dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine) treatments distributed since approval with registration in 24 countries

  • 1.73 million patients treated with Pyramax® (pyronaridine–artesunate); tablets approved in 29 countries and granules in 19 countries

1. Tafenoquine is marketed as Kozenis in Australia and Krintafel in the USA. Trademarks are owned by or licensed to the GSK group of companies.

2. Assuming that patients would have received injectable quinine in the absence of injectable artesunate.

 Updated June 2021