18,000 health-care workers trained to administer injectable artesunate for severe malaria

With MMV’s help Guilin Pharmaceutical was the first company to receive WHO prequalification for artesunate injection, a life-saving treatment for severe malaria.

18,000 health-care workers across 2,082 health-care facilities in six African countries have been trained to administer injectable artesunate for severe malaria, via the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Malaria Consortium in the MMV-led Improving Severe Malaria Outcomes (ISMO) Project, funded by UNITAID. 

To ensure that healthcare providers fully understand how to prepare and administer the product, MMV developed training materials to illustrate these steps and facilitate the correct use of the product.

Severe malaria is a condition that may ensue rapidly if a bout of uncomplicated malaria is not promptly treated. Children are particularly vulnerable since they have little or no immunity with which to fend off the parasite. The symptoms include coma, severe breathing difficulties, low blood sugar and severe anaemia, which if untreated, can lead to death.

Updated July 2017