Artemether-lumefantrine-amodiaquine FDC

Product vision
  • Management of the spread of drug resistant uncomplicated malaria
  • Use in areas at risk of artemisinin resistance to mitigate emergence and spread 

  • Co-formulated tablets of artemether (20 mg) - lumefantrine (120 mg) -amodiaquine (40 mg) as a fixed dose combination. Child friendly dispersible taste-masked formulation available
  • 1-6 tablets (5 kg to > 55 kg) twice daily for 3 days
  • A multi-centre, multi-national study of triple ACT combinations conducted in Myanmar, India, Laos, Bangladesh and DRC, demonstrated PCR-corrected Day 42 efficacy of triple combination of between 96-100% compared to 36-100% for artemether-lumefantrine alone
Key features
  • Demonstrated efficacy against Kelch13 partial resistant strains; fixed-dose combination, child friendly formulation, similar pricing
  • Development of fixed dose combination, and comparative efficacy study of triple combination vs artemether-lumefantrine and amodiaquine-artesunate
  • Need for policy endorsement by WHO, national treatment guidelines
  • DeTACT study ongoing for lose combination
  • Ph III study of co-formulated drug due to start recruitment Q2 2023
Next milestone
  • Last-Patient-Last-Visit for DeTACT Q1 2023
MMV Project Director
  • Adam Aspinall