MMV609 University of Kentucky

Product vision
  • Uncomplicated malaria treatment
  • PfATP4; ganaplacide (KAE609) and SJ733
Key features
  • Fast-acting against all species
  • Predicted 40 mg single-dose
  • Transmission-blocking activity
  • High resistance risk (including G358S mutant)
  • Same MoA as Phase II compounds: cipargamin and SJ733
  • Synthetic route optimization and cost of goods
  • Limited solubility
  • Preclinical development
Next milestone
  • Establish funding and collaboration model
  • Synthetic route optimization
  • Start Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) toxicology program
  • Discovery collaboration with Kip Guy (University of Kentucky)
  • MMV609; Full reference MMV1793609
MMV Project Director
  • Dr BenoĆ®t Bestgen