Product vision
  • Uncomplicated malaria treatment for single-exposure radical cure (SERC) and/or resistance management
  • Potential for use in severe malaria
  • Inhibition of acetylCoA synthetase (acetylCS)
  • No pre-existing resistance, no resistance in vitro
Key features
  • Novel mechanism of action
  • Predicted human efficacious dose = 100 mg single dose
  •  High solubility and good overall physical properties
  •  Transmission-blocking activity
  • Challenge to define safety margins, as exposure decreases strongly after the second dose in all tox species tested
  • Preclinical development
Next milestone
  • Conduct Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) toxicology and safety pharmacology program
    Optimization of synthesis route and formulation
  • From a discovery collaboration with TropIQ
MMV Project Director
  • Ilaria Di Resta