Product vision
  • Part of a single exposure radical cure 

  • Unknown – likely polypharmacology

Key features
  • High potency on all strains and species 

  • High solubility without fed/fasted differences – food effect unlikely

  • Backup to OZ439 (with improved human clearance) 

  • Potential for single oral human dose <500mg without formulation risks

  • Uncertainty in human volume of distribution – affects half-life and dose

  • Dog occular findings 

  • Potency on Cambodian resistant isolates to be confirmed in Phase I volunteer infection study

  • GLP safety studies

Next milestone
  • FIH in 4Q 2019

  • Previous name: OZ609

  • Discovery partnership: Nebraska, Swiss TPH, CDCO

MMV Project Director
  • Dr Nicole Andenmatten