Tafenoquine paediatric


Product category
  • Tafenoquine paediatric dispersible tablet

Product vision
  • Anti-relapse therapy for P. vivax malaria-infected children

  • Single-dose treatment in children who cannot take the adult tablet 

  • Final dose regimen/weight banding to be confirmed based on paediatric study final analysis

  • Efficacy in adults established. PK bridging strategy to establish paediatric dose
Key features
  • Single-dose treatment to prevent relapse of P. vivax malaria

  • Contraindicated in G6PD deficiency

  • Quantitative testing for G6PD deficiency required

  • Clarity around continued role for primaquine (G6PD-deficient patients)

  • Paediatric pharmacokinetics bridging study started 2017
Next milestone
  • Paediatric pharmacokinetics bridging study readout

MMV Project Director
  • Dr Isabelle Borghini