Supporting adherence to new malaria treatment with user-friendly materials

07 Dec 2015

Africa Health: Medicines for Malaria Venture’s Maud Majeres Lugand explains the importance of designing training materials and packaging to support the correct administration of medicines

The potential impact of any new antimalarial can only be fully realised if it is used correctly. To support this, medicines must be accompanied by appropriate materials to help facilitate correct administration and adherence to the dosing schedule. Clear and user-friendly communication materials are thus critical to improve treatment outcomes.
There are a number of reasons why patients may not adhere to treatment or complete the full course of medication. A study that examined adherence to an artemisinin- based combination therapy found that many patients stopped their medication once they felt better, or failed to complete the course because there were too many tablets. Others wanted to save some of the tablets for future episodes of malaria, as in many regions, patients have to travel a long way to their first point of care.....
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