Potential novel inhibitors against emerging zoonotic pathogen Nipah virus: a virtual screening and molecular dynamics approach

02 Sep 2019

Georcki Ropón-Palacios, Manuel E. Chenet-Zuta, Gustavo E. Olivos-Ramirez, Kewin Otazu, Jorge Acurio-Saavedra & Ihosvany Camps

Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics


Nipah virus is a pathogen considered highly infectious, and its lethality can cause between 40% and 70% of deaths in those infected. At present, no effective treatment is available which results in an imperative need to explore new approaches to the search for drugs. Through virtual screening techniques, docking and molecular dynamics, 183 ligands were evaluated against the Nipah virus glycoprotein (NiV-G), involved throughout the process of virus entry to the host cell, resulting in a good target for blocking the infection. Of the 183 drugs computationally screened, three of them (MMV020537, MMV688888 and MMV019838) were found to be potential inhibitors of NiV-G. Their calculated dissociation constants were 0.03 nM, 2.18 nM and 31.61 nM, respectively. Molecular dynamics studies confirm their stability binding modes in the active site of the protein. These potential inhibitors can be used later as leads for the development of new drugs that allow effective treatment of the disease.

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