P. vivax malaria: Transforming treatment & revitalizing elimination efforts

19 Dec 2019

MMV and PATH are leading a joint initiative, VivAccess, to support access to a suite of products to address the challenges associated with P. vivax malaria. These include malaria diagnostics, G6PD diagnostics, medicines to treat the symptoms of P. vivax malaria and medicines to treat malaria relapse.

P. vivax malaria is a major public health and economic challenge and presents a major obstacle to achieving malaria elimination goals in countries in Latin America, the horn of Africa and Asia-Pacific. In some regions, as P. falciparum malaria is declining, P. vivax is becoming the most dominant parasite.

Current treatment options are often only partially implemented because of cost, difficulty identifying which patients should receive treatment, and long treatment regimens that lead to poor adherence. The role of VivAccess is to support the adoption and use of new tools to improve case management, reduce individual suffering and the global disease burden, and support the elimination of relapsing P. vivax malaria.