MMV Annual Report 2019

02 Jul 2020

Read an up-to-date overview of our activities and the financial statement for 2019.

2019, our twentieth year, gave MMV and our partners many reasons to celebrate. Established in 1999 to reignite stalled research and development into malaria medicines, MMV has since built the richest malaria drug pipeline in history, with 13 new antimalarials now treating patients. These medicines have contributed to saving more than 2.2 million lives and are helping ‘bend the curve’ towards the eradication of malaria.

Chapter 1
Bending the curve to malaria eradication

Chapter 2
Improving case management of uncomplicated malaria

Chapter 3
Protecting those most at risk

Chapter 4
Scaling up access to life-saving interventions for severe malaria

Chapter 5
Reducing the burden of relapsing malaria

Chapter 6
R&D platforms and drug discovery

Chapter 7
Enriching the drug discovery pipeline with an "irresistible" compound

Chapter 8
Financial view

Chapter 9
Behind the scenes