MMV Annual Report 2013

16 Jun 2014

Read up-to-date articles highlighting our activities and the financial statement for 2013.

Download Chapter 1 - Message from the Chairman and CEO [PDF: 290Kb]

Download Chapter 2 - Message from Yvonne Chaka Chaka [PDF: 100Kb]

Download Chapter 3 - Expediting access to approved medicines [PDF: 300Kb]

Download Chapter 4 - New medicines for vulnerable populations [PDF: 545Kb]

Download Chapter 5 - New medicines to drive elimination and eradication [PDF: 5.3Mb]

Download Chapter 6 - Financial View [PDF: 360Kb]

Download Chapter 7 - Behind the scenes [PDF:420Kb]

Download the poster:

Children matter infographic & MMV portfolio (4th quarter 2013)  [PDF: 945Kb]

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