MiMBa: Malaria in Mothers and Babies

18 Mar 2020

An estimated 125 million pregnancies per year are at risk of malaria around the world.1 For both mother and child, malaria is potentially life-threatening. MMV’s MiMBa strategy aims to raise the standard of care for pregnant women and their newborns affected by malaria. 

Key elements of the MiMBa strategy include:

  • Ensuring drug supplies for children and pregnant women;
  • Generating data on existing compounds to inform on their use in pregnant women and neonates; 
  • Developing new antimalarial medicines to address the needs of pregnant women and neonates;
  • Strengthening the capture of safety data from routine clinical use of antimalarial medicines during pregnancy;
  • Advocating for changes in drug development that promote the safe inclusion of pregnant women into clinical studies, with the aim of generating data to support earlier access to innovative medicines for this population.


1. Dellicour S et al. “Quantifying the Number of Pregnancies at Risk of Malaria in 2007: A Demographic Study”. PLoS Med; 7(1): e1000221 (2010).