Medicine for malaria: setbacks and successes on the road to eradication

01 Nov 2018

David Reddy, CEO, MMV

Africa Health

Photo: Toby Madden/Transaid

The search for solutions against the multiple facets of malaria is not simple. David Reddy assesses progress.

We are at a critical juncture in the fight against malaria. After almost two decades of success in reversing the incidence of the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that progress is stalling. In 2016, around 216 million people fell ill from malaria, 445,000 of whom lost their lives. In comparison with 2015, that’s almost 5 million more cases of people who became ill.
Maintaining or bettering the pace of progress witnessed during the last one and a half decades is the objective of the entire malaria community. For our part, MMV is focused on strengthening successful efforts to facilitate access to quality antimalarials while developing new measures to counter the challenges ahead. This includes a new road map of the medicines needed to defeat malaria and the tools to realise it.
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