The malaria season is coming – we must continue to protect children at risk

27 Apr 2020

André-Marie Tchouatieu

Photo: Toby Madden/MMV

According to WHO, malaria takes a child’s life every two minutes. As the COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges to malaria prevention, we must continue to deploy lifesaving interventions.

The vast majority of malaria incidence and mortality occur in sub-Saharan Africa, where health systems are fragile, and any extra burden placed on scarce resources could be the difference between saving or losing lives.

During the period of high transmission, Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC), a preventive treatment recommended by WHO, is used to protect young children from malaria. The intervention has been proven to prevent malaria in children by 75%.

But the COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges, threatening both the supply of critical medicines and the ability of national and regional authorities to coordinate adequate supply and coverage. 

To realise the maximum benefit that can be provided by SMC, more country-based  funding is needed to ensure that during this time of uncertainty, SMC can continue to save young lives.

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