G-Finder 2018

29 Jan 2019

Neglected Disease Research and Development: Reaching New Heights

Each year since 2007, the G-FINDER project has provided policy-makers, donors, researchers and industry with a comprehensive analysis of global investment into research and development (R&D) of new products to prevent, diagnose, control or cure neglected diseases in developing countries. It provides an up-to-date analysis of how R&D investments are being allocated across diseases and product types, funding trends over time, and where the potential gaps lie.

This is the eleventh annual G-FINDER report, providing new data on investments made in financial year 2017. In all, 197 organisations completed the survey for FY2017, which covered 33 neglected diseases and all relevant product types: drugs, vaccines (preventive and therapeutic), diagnostics, microbicides and vector control products (chemical and biological control agents, and reservoir targeted vaccines) – as well as basic research.

The 2017 survey allowed participants to provide separate information on funding for research applicable to both neglected diseases and emerging infectious diseases (EIDs), and a new category (multi-disease vector control products) was created to capture funding for R&D not targeted at one specific vector-borne disease. The scope was also expanded to include R&D investments in chemical vector control products for Chagas’ disease and diagnostics for tapeworm infections.

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