G-Finder 2014

09 Apr 2015

Neglected Disease Research and Development: Emerging Trends

The seventh G-FINDER survey reports on 2013 global investment into research and development (R&D) of new products for neglected diseases, and identifies trends and patterns across the seven years of global G-FINDER data. In all, 197 organisations completed the survey in 2013, which covered:

  • 34 neglected diseases
  • 138 product areas for these diseases, including drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, microbicides and vector control products
  • Platform technologies (e.g. adjuvants, delivery technologies, diagnostic platforms)
  • All types of product-related R&D, including basic research, discovery and preclinical, clinical development, Phase IV and pharmacovigilance studies, and baseline epidemiological studies.

A key change for the 2014 report is that all years’ data is reported in 2013 US dollars (US$), not converted to a 2007 US$ baseline as in previous reports. A further change is that, following a review by our new Advisory Committee (AC), the survey has been expanded to include three additional diseases: cryptococcal meningitis, hepatitis C genotype 4 and leptospirosis. The AC review also identified the increased commercialisation of dengue vaccine R&D. As a result, dengue vaccines no longer fit the criteria for inclusion in the G-FINDER survey, and investments in dengue vaccines were excluded retrospectively. This does not affect other dengue products, which will continue to be included.

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