Breaking the Cycle: Saving Lives and Protecting the Future

31 Dec 2010

The UK’s Framework for Results for malaria in the developing world.

The British Government unveiled on 31 December 2010 landmark plans to tackle malaria.

The new Framework for Results provides a comprehensive strategy for how British aid money will deliver the Coalition Government’s commitments to help halve malaria deaths in at least ten hot spots in Africa and Asia.

Britain will focus its aid in 18 of the worst-hit countries which account for over 89% of all malarial deaths. The new plan will increase support for:

  • Testing and Treatment: New ways of testing people to ensure malaria is accurately diagnosed and the right treatment is provided;
  • Bed nets: Increase the number of life saving bed nets. Increased bed net coverage results in a decline in malaria deaths and illness;
  • Protecting women:  Providing preventative malaria treatment to children and pregnant women. Each year an estimated 10,000 women and 200,000 infants die as a result of malaria during pregnancy;
  • Research and innovation: Support the development of new treatments to combat malaria and prevent drug resistance; and
  • Quality Health services: Train staff and improve the delivery of drugs.

Download the UK's Framework for Results for malaria in the developing world on DFID's website. [PDF: 1.25Mb]