Campaign launched to help eliminate malaria deaths

Malaria No More and Novartis launch “Power of One”

23 Sep 2013

In an unprecedented move, Malaria No More and the Novartis Malaria Initiative have launched Power of One, a global campaign urging people around the world to help close the malaria treatment gap and end child deaths from malaria. The campaign promises that every dollar donated will save the life of a child from malaria.

Power of One enables the public to purchase tests and treatments and track their journey to the patient. Donors will be able to see the effect of their donation on the ground, share information with their networks and recruit other donors.

Novartis is the exclusive campaign treatment sponsor and will donate up to three million full courses of Coartem® Dispersible, its pediatric antimalarial, doubling the impact of public donations

Novartis, has delivered without profit 200 million treatments of the child-friendly Coartem Dispersible, to malaria-endemic countries since 2009. Coartem Dispersible was developed in partnership with MMV.