WHO report calls for urgent action to protect malaria therapies

MMV supports the new Global Plan for Artemisinin Resistance Containment.

12 Jan 2011

Since news of possible parasite resistance to artemisinin emerged in 2007-2008, the threat has been growing. A plan to protect artemisinin and contain resistance to this important and effective class of drugs has become an urgent public health priority. The launch of GPARC today is a key milestone in the battle against drug-resistant malaria. As the report states: ‘There is a finite window of opportunity to contain artemisinin resistance before it spreads. If the current foci of artemisinin-resistant parasites are not contained or eliminated, the costs, both human and financial, could be great’.

“The WHO Global Malaria Programme must be commended for this timely publication,” said David Reddy, MMV’s Chief Executive Officer. “The importance of protecting the artemisinin class of drugs cannot be emphasized enough. There is no time to lose. We must further improve access to diagnostics, displace single drug therapy and develop new medicines to combat emerging resistant parasites. MMV is fully aligned with GPARC and, as a key player in the malaria field, will play a strong role in the globally integrated and combined effort to keep resistance at bay.”

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