Pyramax now registered in Cambodia

New treatment will contribute to WHO’s artemisinin resistance containment strategy

15 Oct 2014

Pyramax® (pyronaridine-artesunate) tablets have now been registered for use in Cambodia, an epicentre of emerging artemisinin drug resistance. By having a range of artemisinin combination therapies available, Cambodian clinicians and policymakers are in a better position to stem the tide of resistance. As such, Pyramax will contribute to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global plan for artemisinin resistance containment.

In preparation for use of Pyramax in the country, a WHO-supported study is currently evaluating its “real-life” safety and efficacy in Cambodian malaria patients.

"Pyramax is a drug that is eagerly awaited in the multidrug resistant area on the border between western Cambodia and eastern Thailand, where resistance to antimalarial drugs is more advanced than anywhere else," said Dr Pascal Ringwald, Coordinator, Drug Resistance and Containment, Global Malaria Programme, World Health Organization "WHO is looking forward to the results of the on-going trial."

Pyramax, co-developed by MMV and Shin Poong Pharmaceutical, was granted a positive scientific opinion from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) under Article 58 in February 2012 and added to the WHO’s list of prequalified medicines in May 2012. It is the first medicine registered for the treatment of both P. falciparum and P. vivax malaria.