MMV Symposium at EDCTP

Keeping the Malaria Medicine Chest Full

20 Oct 2011

On Monday 10th October, MMV hosted a symposium at the 6th EDCTP (European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership) Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The symposium was entitled: “Keeping the Malaria Medicine Chest Full: Therapeutic options to treat Malaria across the disease spectrum”.

More than 500 delegates attended the Forum, up to 80 of whom attended the symposium representing organisations such as the European Commission, EDCTP, The Gates Foundation, Swiss TPH, UNITAID, MSF and a host of European and African research institutions.

The speakers at the symposium were:

  • Dr. Sodiomon Bienvenu Sirima (Head of Research and Training Department, Centre National de Recherche et de Formation sur le Paludisme, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) presented “Why new drugs matter: Implementing new drugs into malaria case management”.

The EDCTP has been involved in discussions with MMV over projects such as the successful partnership on the longitudinal/repeat dose project with Dr Aboulaye Djimde, which is an important part of the Risk Management Plan for our new ACTs, and the head-to-head comparison study of 4 ACTs with Dr Umberto d’Alessandro.

  • Dr. Bernhard Ogutu (Kenya Medical Research Institute clinical trials Unit, Kisumu, Kenya) presented “Saving lives, saving futures: Options to treat severe malaria”.

EDCTP and MMV have partnered successfully on a study conducted to evaluate a simplified intravenous artesunate regimen for severe malaria with Prof Peter Kremsner.

  • Dr. Christine Manyando (Head of Public Health, Tropical Disease Research Center, Ndola, Zambia) presented “Keeping pregnant mothers safe: Can IPTp make a difference?”

A special focus was given during this presentation to the on-going phase III study of azithromycin/chloroquine in IPTp conducted in collaboration with Pfizer, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and MMV.

The meeting was co-chaired by Dr. Ambrose Talisuna (WWARN Regional Scientific Director) and Dr. Stephan Duparc (MMV CMO) who ably fielded a wide range of questions. Topics that sparked significant audience interest included questions around the optimal combination of partner drugs for use in IPTp.

The symposium not only helped MMV present a good overview of the current and future MMV antimalarial pipeline, but also helped us raise important questions around the challenges we face in developing new antimalarials. In addition, we had a unique opportunity to talk to key African researchers and strengthen our ongoing dialogue with them.