MMV’s Adam Aspinall appointed as Chair of the new Fight the Fakes Alliance

MMV celebrates Adam’s new role for an organization dedicated to combatting the spread of substandard and falsified medicines.  

14 Dec 2020

Adam Aspinall, Senior Director, Access and Product Management at MMV, has been elected as Chair of the newly formed Fight the Fakes (FTF) Alliance, whose aim is to scale-up action to prevent falsified medicines from endangering lives across the globe. In his new role, Mr Aspinall will chair the Board and General Assembly and act as figurehead and primary spokesperson for the alliance 

The FTF Alliance began in 2013 as a grassroots advocacy campaignwith MMV as a founding memberto raise awareness of the dangers posed by falsified and substandard medicines. Its launch, coinciding with the annual Fight the Fakes week, marks ittransition to a multi-stakeholder non-profit association headquartered in Geneva. The organization has established a formal governance structure, bringing together over 15 partners, including MMV, from the fields of medical research and supply chains.  

Mr Aspinall, in his role to expand access to quality antimalarials at MMV, is uniquely placed to take on a leading position in the fight against falsified medicines at the FTF Alliance. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), antimalarials are “amongst the most commonly reported substandard and falsified medical products.Given the potentially life-threatening nature of the disease, the spread of antimalarials that do not meet quality standards has serious implications for health outcomes.  

“Estimates suggest that falsified and substandard antimalarials are an important contributing factor to the roughly 400,000 preventable malaria-related deaths annually, said Mr Aspinall. “Fake antimalarials are only part of the larger problemthe spread of fake medicines and medical products used against other diseases has been brought to the fore this year by the trade in fake personal protective equipment to protect against COVID-19By addressing this issue we can save lives—this is why I’m excited to start this new chapter of the Fight the Fakes Alliance and help steer the organization towards its goals of raising awareness of the dangers of substandard and falsified medicines, supporting capacity building at the local level and advocating for global action to tackle this growing challenge.”  

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