MMV launches new Severe Malaria Observatory

Knowledge-sharing platform offers experience, evidence and guidance

18 May 2017

MMV is pleased to announce the launch of the Severe Malaria Observatory (SMO), a knowledge-sharing platform for the global malaria community.

The SMO can be accessed at

The SMO has been created to shine a light on severe malaria and will be a repository of information about this fatal disease. We hope this platform will be used by the malaria community to share knowledge, experiences and guidance on severe malaria. Through the SMO we also hope to:

  • Disseminate best practices, tool-kits, market information, guidelines, projects, outcomes etc.
  • Bring attention to the need for continuous research and capacity building
  • Support visibility of and coordination among ongoing severe malaria activities

The potential impact of the SMO depends on input from the global malaria community, and we invite you to share this platform widely and motivate members of this community to share their knowledge and experiences with us.

For questions or additional information, please contact us.