MMV holds malaria session at The World Conference of Science Journalists

The Qatar Foundation hosted the WCSJ in Doha, welcoming the world’s science journalists.

01 Jul 2011

The World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ) was moved from Cairo to Doha after the political turmoil in Egypt. Transcending politics and welcomed to Doha by The Qatar Foundation, the conference brought together science journalists from the Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world to share information and ideas.

The malaria session organized by MMV and the University of York was entitled ‘How do you solve a problem like Malaria? Using smart science to defeat an age-old disease’. The session created a buzz, outlining the ways exciting new science as well as new scientific and access partnerships are contributing to a historic campaign to control malaria. 

At the session, MMV’s Tim Wells presented on the medicines needed if we are to eliminate malaria, Jaya Banerji spoke about how to get these to the patients in need, and Kelly Chibale from the University of Cape Town explained the process of drug discovery and the exciting projects emerging from Africa. It was well-attended, particularly by African journalists keen to know more about antimalarial drug R&D and to understand MMV’s work.

But the buzz didn’t stop there, the session’s speakers were later interviewed for newspapers and radio channels to be broadcast across the African continent. 

Download the agenda

Download the presentations:

Towards the future: Medicines and the elimination of malaria –  Dr Tim Wells

Discovering new drugs in Africa –  Professor Kelly Chibale

Ensuring medicines save lives: Facilitating access –  Jaya Banerji