MMV applauds GFATM’s decision to host AMFm

A groundbreaking and timely step to save lives by making effective antimalarials affordable in both the public and private channels, targeting outlets where people buy their medicines.

11 Nov 2008

MMV welcomes the decision by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) to host and manage the Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria (AMFm).

"The AMFm is a giant leap in the fight to reduce the global malaria burden. It will bring the price of the most effective antimalarials down to that of chloroquine, which is all patients can really afford to buy," said Chris Hentschel, President and CEO of MMV. "The AMFm will reinforce the impact and enlarge the footprint of *ACTs responding to the urgent needs of malaria sufferers. We are delighted with this decision and look forward to working closely with the Global Fund to ensure the success of the AMFm."

It is evident that there is no alternative but to subsidize effective ACTs to reduce death and disability from malaria. This week MMV published the first-ever antimalarials market survey report for Uganda, which found that the majority of people turn to private sector outlets for their antimalarial drugs, yet only 4-14% of these outlets stock WHO-recommended ACTs. When they are available they are unaffordable, at up to 60 times the price of ineffective medicines like chloroquine.

"People have waited too long for a fund such as the AMFm to provide them effective and affordable antimalarials that will safely treat their children," said George Jagoe, Executive Vice-President, Global Access at MMV. ”This is a historic decision.”

*ACTs - Artemisinin Combination Therapies