MMV and partners call for compounds to fill the Pathogen Box

Send us your active compound structures and ideas to help catalyse neglected disease drug discovery

18 Feb 2014

MMV and partners are set to launch a new initiative to boost drug discovery research for neglected diseases and we need your help! The Pathogen Box will contain ~400 diverse, drug-like molecules active against neglected diseases and will be available free of charge to drug researchers at the end of 2015.

The question is which molecules should be in the Pathogen Box?

If you have compounds active against neglected diseases of interest or drug discovery expertise, feel free to contribution [at] (send us your suggestions) before 30 June 2014, when the final selection of compounds will be made.

The Pathogen Box is modelled on Medicines for Malaria Venture’s (MMV’s) successful Malaria Box project, launched in 2011. Research on the Malaria Box has already led to new, independently funded drug discovery projects as well as multiple scientific publications. Based on this success, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) awarded MMV a grant to lead the assembly and distribution of the Pathogen Box.

More information is available on the Pathogen Box website.

Download the Pathogen Box flyer [PDF: 1 page].