Global Health 50/50 launches report Boards for all?

Report accompanied by this year’s Gender and Health Index, which considers MMV a ‘very high performer’

30 Mar 2022
Boards for all? A review of power, policy and people on the boards of organisations active in global health. Read now at #Boardsforall. A picture of a double-pan balance with silhouettes of men in suits in one pan and a lone woman in the other.

MMV welcomes the launch of Global Health 50/50’s report, ‘Boards for all? A review of power, policy and people on the boards of organisations active in global health’ which asks “whether global health boards are fit for purpose to deliver on their mandates”.

The report found that of over 2,000 board seats across 147 global health organizations, only 40% are held by women, and just 1% are held by women from low-income countries.

“Clearly as a global health community we still have some way to go in achieving gender parity particularly within our decision-making boards,” said Andrea Lucard, EVP of Corporate Affairs at MMV. “At MMV, this is an issue that we take seriously and today I am pleased to note that we have achieved gender parity on our Board. The work of Global Health 50/50 has helped shine a spotlight on our practices in diversity and inclusion, and MMV looks forward to further improving them alongside our sister global health organizations”.

Gender and Health Index ranking organizational performance published

To accompany the report, Global Health 50/50 publishes the Gender and Health Index. The index identifies and assesses nine indicators, ranking organizations on their current and past gender-related performance (2020–2022).

MMV is one of just 19 very high performers — organizations that scored at least eight out of nine points — constituting the top 10 percent of the sample. MMV received all nine points in indicators such as commitment to gender equality and workplace diversity and inclusion, among others. MMV is additionally categorized by Global Health 50/50 as a “fast riser”, recognizing the progress the organization has made over the past 2 years as well as its commitment and changes implemented to ensure gender parity within organizational practices and programmatic work.

Boards for All is available on the Global Health 50/50 website.