Former MMV ESAC member receives Gairdner Foundation award

Prof. Brian Greenwood’s malaria research is celebrated for the second time this year

17 Apr 2012

Amongst award-winning scientists who have solved the mysteries of circadian clocks and nervous system communication, MMV ESAC’s Prof. Brian Greenwood was awarded the Canada Gairdner Global Health Award for his dedication to malaria research. Specifically, Brian demonstrated that drugs and insecticide-treated bed nets can drastically reduce the number of children who die from malaria.
Brian receives this commendation in addition to being bestowed the title ‘Knights Bachelor’ by HRH Queen Elizabeth in her New Year Honours.
The Canada Gairdner Awards, are among the world’s top prizes for medical research. “Our goal is to award key advances in science that maybe in the long run will help cure human diseases and cut down on human suffering,” said Dr John Dirks, president and scientific director of the Gairdner Foundation. “That’s been the culture from the beginning.”
Dirks said Greenwood is known as “the figure in international health and tropical medicine” for his research.