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MMV co-authors first-ever Primer on malaria

03 Aug 2017

Today, Nature Reviews Disease Primers published the first “Primer” on malaria, authored by an international group of malaria experts, including scientists from MMV. The Primer — simply titled ‘Malaria’ — provides a global and authoritative overview of research on the disease, as well as of the challenges facing the malaria community as it strives towards elimination and eradication.   

As the article explains, ‘Malaria remains one of the most serious infectious diseases; it threatens nearly half of the world’s population and led to hundreds of thousands deaths … predominantly among children in Africa.’

“The Primer provides a comprehensive overview of malaria biology, disease impact and treatment options and also discusses challenges and new strategies for disease control,” explained Prof. Margaret Phillips of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, lead author of the Primer. “It will be accessible reading to those within and outside the field of malaria.”

“One of the great things about writing for Nature Reviews Disease Primers, is that they work hard on the project to make sure that the ideas are accessible to a general audience. The Primer is meant to be an introduction for anyone, both scientists and the non-scientist alike” said Dr Timothy Wells, MMV’s Chief Scientific Officer.  “This will be a useful tool for teaching, and also for spreading the message about how far we have got with malaria control and elimination, and how far there is to go”

Nature Reviews Disease Primers is a Nature Research journal that was launched in 2015 to provide broad review articles on the latest state-of-the-art advances in various health fields.