Australia renews commitment to MMV and R&D for malaria

Continued Australian support will benefit the most vulnerable 

08 Jun 2018

MMV welcomes the Australian Government’s continued support for malaria research and development as part of its Health Security Initiative for the Indo-Pacific region. The agreement for renewed commitment to MMV of 18.75 million AUD for 2018-2022 was signed on 1 June. The funding will be used to develop new antimalarials for vulnerable populations and address relapsing malaria, which is associated with high levels of morbidity and has a negative economic impact in the Indo-Pacific region.

With drug resistance threatening malaria control in Southeast Asia, Australia’s funding will support the development of novel cures and preventive therapies that will directly benefit the Indo-Pacific region and Australia’s partner countries. The ultimate beneficiaries will be populations at high risk from malaria, mainly pregnant women and young children, living in the most impoverished rural communities in endemic countries.

“We are very grateful for Australia’s continued support,” said Dr David Reddy, MMV’s CEO. “With it, MMV will continue to work with its global network of partners, including Australian scientists, to accelerate the concerted effort towards malaria elimination.”