Ambrose Talisuna: Advocating for access

MMV’s Director, Global Access, Ambrose Talisuna, has been profiled in The Lancet as a powerful advocate for access to effective antimalarial treatments.

23 Apr 2010

Ambrose Talisuna is a Ugandan physician and epidemiologist who has worked in tropical disease surveillance and control for over 10 years. As the Ugandan representative of the Access and Delivery Team at the Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), he leads a pilot project to increase access to artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) in the private sector. George Jagoe, MMV's Executive Vice President for Access and Delivery, says: “Ambrose has distinguished himself as a strong advocate calling for additional resources, as well as greater accountability, in improving the procurement, distribution, and frontline availability of ACTs in endemic countries. He has been very bold in challenging decisions that can cause countries to slip back into the era of ‘bad drugs for poor people’. Ambrose's courageous willingness to speak out about bad public health decisions has earned him high praise and in some corners veiled resentment.”

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