World Malaria Report 2019

The World malaria report 2019 highlights the burden of malaria among two most-at risk groups- pregnant women and children in Africa. In 2018, 11 million pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa were infected by malaria, and children under 5 years accounted for 67% of all malaria deaths. 

In 2018, an estimated 228 million cases occurred worldwide and 405 000 deaths were reported. Although progress in many high burden countries has stalled, a growing number of countries with a low burden of malaria are moving quickly towards the goal of zero malaria. 27 countries reported less than 100 cases of malaria in 2018, up from 17 countries in 2010.  At least 10 countries that are part of WHO’s “E-2020 initiative” are on track to reach the 2020 elimination milestone of the global strategy.

Inadequate funding remains a major barrier to future progress. Total funding for malaria control and elimination reached an estimated US$ 2.7 billion in 2018, falling far short of the US$ 5 billion funding target of the global strategy. WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group on Malaria Eradication has identified a renewed R&D agenda as one of the highest priorities in efforts to achieve the vision of the global strategy: a malaria-free world. 

Visit the WHO website for more information on the World Malaria Report 2019.