Women and malaria

Women and malaria

New and distinct antimalarial medicines that are suitable for pregnant women are urgently needed for both treatment and protection, but their development is extremely challenging. MMV is pressing for progress in this area.


Slide 1 - Elizabeth Poll/MMV ; slide 2 - Damien Schumann/MMV; slide 3 - Anna Wang; slide 4 - Pearl Gan /Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam (OUCRU) / Eijkman Oxford Clinical Research Unit, Jakarta (EOCRU) /The Wellcome Trust; slide 5 - Ben Moldenhauer/MMV; slide 6 - Damien Schumann/MMV; slide 7 - Muhammed Joof ; slide 8 - Damien Schumann/MMV; slide 9 - Elizabeth Poll/MMV


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