Treating uncomplicated malaria in adults and children

Treating uncomplicated malaria in adults and children

Dr Eric, who works in a clinic in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Photo: SDI Global


Dr Eric works in a clinic in the heart of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Over two decades ago, when he had to make a choice between studying medicine or chasing his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, his circumstances compelled him to pick the doctor’s path.

After 15 years of practising medicine, Eric believes that he has made the right decision. Each day, he encounters several cases of malaria, in both adults and children. In fact, as a general practitioner, the most common disease his patients suffer from is malaria. After years of treating such patients, he realises that due to challenges like drug resistance and frequent recurrences, malaria treatments need to constantly evolve. When Pyramax® was launched, he and his team were delighted to have an antimalarial which could be used to treat uncomplicated malaria in adults and children weighing over 5kg. His experiences prescribing Pyramax have been quite positive and fewer patients come back following treatment.

Thanks to the availability of such efficacious antimalarials, Dr Eric has more time to spend outside of his clinic with his family and friends. He loves playing football and dreams to play next to Cristiano Ronaldo someday!

Source: Sante Development International (SDI)