MMV ESAC member in Times Top 100 Scientists

MMV ESAC member in Times Top 100 Scientists

Dr Simon Campbell, CBE, FRS, who was the first chair of MMV’s Expert Scientific Advisory Committee in 1999, was recently ranked 31 on a list of the most influential contemporary scientific figures in Britain. The Eureka 100 list was published on 7 October 2010 in the current edition of Eureka, The Times’ monthly science magazine.

Dr Campbell was recognized primarily for his role in the discovery of innovative new medicines such as Cardura, Norvasc and Viagra, and for his campaigning role as President of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

“I am delighted and honoured to be included in such a prestigious list which contains various Nobel laureates and particularly in a favourable position,” Dr Campbell said. “I am sure my work on malaria was also considered and I am very pleased to have contributed to the tremendous progress MMV has made over the past decade.”

“MMV is extremely pleased that Simon’s achievements have been recognized in this way,” said Dr Tim Wells, MMV’s Chief Scientific Officer. “Since the very start, we have benefited from his scientific expertise, insight and wisdom. He has once again underlined the high caliber of advisors on our Expert Scientific Advisory Committee.”

A synthetic organic chemist, Dr Campbell received his BSc. (1962) and PhD (1965) degrees from Birmingham University in the UK. He carried out postdoctoral research in Birmingham, Chile and Stanford University with W.S.Johnson, before being appointed Visiting Professor at the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil in 1970.

In 1972 Dr Campbell joined Pfizer Central Research, Sandwich, UK, as a medicinal chemist. He co-authored over 120 publications and patents before retiring in October 1998 as Pfizer’s Senior Vice President for World-wide Discovery and Medicinals R&D Europe.

Dr. Campbell has received numerous awards for his scientific achievements, including  the Royal Society of Chemistry Award for Medicinal Chemistry (1989), the Herschberg Award from the American Chemical Society (1997), ACS Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame (1997), the Industry Research Institute (US) Achievement Award (1997), the CIA Individual Achievement Award (2006), and Galen Medal (2007).

Dr Campbell was the first Chair of MMV’s ESAC (1999-2003), which he re-joined in 2008.