ASTMH 2014 - #IamTropMed

Benjamin Blasco, Research Scientist, MMV

"#IamTropMed to help create a malaria-free world"

1. Why did you decide to go into your area of work?

Working in an area that impacts global health, particularly in resource-poor countries, is something that motivates me and is what drove me to work in this field. I also need to keep my mind stimulated. The challenges associated with antimalarial drug discovery and development feed this need on a daily basis.

2. What do you enjoy most about working in your area of research?

It’s a great opportunity to work with a such a vast network of scientific experts around the world! I’m constantly learning and gaining new skills, which helps me to better understand and find solutions to complex problems.

3. What developments over the past year have been most exciting to you?

Recent major advances in our understanding of the basic biology of the malaria parasite (molecular mechanisms of malaria virulence and pathogenesis) have allowed us to develop new strategies to identify and develop new antimalarials to support malaria eradication.