In 2008-09, $1.6 billion was committed to malaria control – almost 6 times what was committed in 2003. Why has this not been enough to defeat malaria?

Various malaria experts

Last month MMV co-hosted a meeting for donors in Barcelona on the importance of partnerships in the fight against malaria, and took this opportunity to interview experts in this field on the need for sustainable financing.

Dr Dennis Schmatz

President and CEO

Medicines for Malaria Venture; President, MMV North America, Inc. Board; Former Vice President, Head of Tsukuba Research Institute, Merck Research Laboratories

Dr Pedro Alonso

Director and Professor

Barcelona Center for International Health Research (CRESIB) Hospital Clinic Universitat de Barcelona; MMV Board Member

Dr Awa Marie Coll-Seck

Executive Director

Roll Back Malaria Partnership; MMV Board Observer