Malaria Drug Development Catalyst

24 Jun 2021

At MMV, understanding how different preclinical candidate molecules interact is a crucial, complex and extensive process that allows us to identify the best drug combinations for further development. It is important that all combinations are reviewed through the same lens. In 2019, MMV launched the Malaria Drug Development Catalyst – a scientific platform that helps to provide that lens and promote collaboration between industry partners to accelerate the development of next-generation drug combinations for uncomplicated malaria. 

The Catalyst is both curated and led by MMV and assesses single molecules that have entered translational development. Through the Catalyst, MMV provides funding and preclinical data (pharmacological assays, pharmacokinetic models and assessments of safety and tolerability), thereby accelerating decision-making for combination partners. Decisions are based on the complementary characteristics of the drug candidates, irrespective of who owns the compounds. The Catalyst also opens a dialogue between MMV’s industry partners, helping to promote the exchange of knowledge and increase the efficiency of drug development.

Ultimately, the aim of MMV’s Malaria Drug Development Catalyst is to support the identification and progression of the best drug combinations for clinical testing, enabling members to optimize and de-risk their clinical development plans. This helps to get lifesaving medicines to patients whilst making the best use of the resources available.